Our New Mexico Waters

We protected vital New Mexico waters!

These water quality protections were supported by local ranchers, farmers, acequia parciantes, land grant heirs, Pueblo leaders, local governments, business owners, hunters, anglers, water conservation groups, and a wide variety of outdoor recreation enthusiasts.

We also want to acknowledge the role that Governor Lujan Grisham, New Mexico’s Economic Development Secretary, Alicia J. Keyes, and New Mexico’s Outdoor Recreation Division Director Axie Navas played in this success. Their leadership was critical. 

Will you join us in taking a moment to send them both a quick thank you?


Our New Mexico rivers, streams, and wetlands are our heritage, culture, playgrounds, classrooms, and livelihoods. We need to protect them so they can continue to provide for us and future generations.

Take Action to Protect New Mexico’s Waters

Protect New Mexico’s rivers and streams and help ensure these waters continue to support our local communities and outdoor recreation economy for generations to come. 

Protecting the Pecos River

The Pecos River is an iconic New Mexico waterway that sustains the local agricultural community, provides exceptional recreational opportunities, and has many rich and diverse ecological values. Outstanding Waters (ONRW) protections will ensure that clean water in the Pecos is available for future generations.

Protecting water quality for outdoor recreation

Protecting water quality in the Rio Grande, Rio Hondo, and Jemez River watersheds will benefit all New Mexicans, including those who live nearby, hunt and fish in the area, work in the outdoor industry& explore these waters.

New Mexico Waters Need State-Level Protections

Many watersheds are threatened by increased temperatures and lower flows. We need to take action to protect high-quality water resources and ensure that they continue to provide clean water for irrigation, recreation, and sacred ceremony. The need to take state action, is even more pressing because the federal government is eliminating or reducing federal protections.

What is the process for Outstanding Waters designation?

The Clean Water Act provides for the designation of Outstanding Waters. However, it is through state-level action that specific waters — like rivers, lakes, and creeks, for example– are designated and protected. Any entity or person in New Mexico can nominate any water with outstanding ecological and or recreational values for designation.

Our New Mexico Waters

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I made the pledge to protect New Mexico’s best rivers and wetlands! You should too. #DefendCleanWater #ONRW

#DefendCleanWater by pledging to protect New Mexico’s rivers and wetlands!

Agua es vida, and the waters of New Mexico’s Upper Pecos Watershed sustain and enrich the lives and livelihoods of all who live, work, and recreate there.#DefendCleanWater by taking the pledge!

Diverse Coalition Urges New Mexico to Protect the Upper Pecos

The New Mexico Acequia Association, San Miguel County, the Village of Pecos, the Upper Pecos Watershed Association, and Molino de la Isla Organics LLC today are submitting a petition to the state of New Mexico to protect water quality in the Upper Pecos Watershed.

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